... hier fehlt noch der Titel COMAPP - topics and target group

COMAPP includes five topics that can build on one another either as a 5-day training course or as separate courses:
1) Techniques for journalistic interviews,
including a Soundwalk: Recording of
interviews, sounds and photos.

2) Creating an interactive hotspot:
Digital editing of sound and
composition of online text.

3) Webspace and creating interactive online
maps with the COMAPP generator.

4) Creating individual websites, geocaching.

5) Teaching and Learning Skills and, Evaluation methods.

As COMAPP was designed for the target group of adult trainers, there is a dual role approach: Participants think of themselves as teachers and learners at the same time. The course sections contain time slots and teaching and learning materials for exchange and for performing activities as future trainers of COMAPP subjects.

School teachers, social workers who work with children, young people or adults, and volunteers who train people in non-profit organizations are welcome to make use of the COMAPP curriculum and materials.

COMAPP-Community Media Applications and Participation, supported by EU "Lifelong Learning" contact/legal issues