... hier fehlt noch der Titel COMAPP - Community Media Applications and Participation

The acronym COMAPP (Community Media Applications and Participation) embraces Community, Apps and Maps. COMAPP is a train the trainers course, which explores how innovative uses of mobile telephone technology apps may help create multimedia guides. These guides may include photos, audio, web interactivity and geocaching and when used with the COMAPP map generator facilitate the easy production of multimedia web maps. Examples of maps produced by this course are included under ‘maps’ and ‘links’ (same maps –with description).

This website provides the course curriculum, teaching and learning materials and questionnaires suitable for a train the trainers course that implements intergenerational and intercultural communication in different settings of adult education. This material is available under ‘materials’ for free download in 6 languages and includes the following content:

  • Sensitisation of acoustic perception:
    Techniques for conducting interviews, digital recording and editing of images and sounds, production of an audio guide.
  • Multimedia and public space:
    Production of a virtual tour on the internet using OpenStreetMap; publication on the internet, construction of a basic website; geocaching.
  • An action-oriented intergenerational
    and intercultural teaching and learning approach:

    To promote dialogue and participation between generations and cultures and to support evaluation strategies for educational projects.

Adult Trainers, social workers, volunteers in social and media areas, school teachers and anyone else who is interested are welcome to make use of COMAPP materials in courses for media education. 

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